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ChicadistasWelcome :: Boa vinda :: Bienvenidos

Hello amigo/a

Chicada is looking for guys like you - We are playing at the DARK MOFO Ogoh procession that goes from the Parliament Lawns at Salamanca and ends in the Dark Park on Sunday 18th June.
Are you interested?... Click here for more information!!!

Chicada is Tasmania's first Samba band.

Since forming in 2008 they have found great succes performing at numerous event festivals including:

Falls Festival; Cygnet Folk Festival; Wooden Boat Festival; Mid-Winter Festival; Bream Creek and Hobart Show; the Taste of Huon; Spring Tulip Festival as well as the Christmas pageant.

Chicada is composed of 24 local percussionists, made up from a mixture of Tasmanians from all over the world.

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